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If you are living in Corona, Riverside, or thereabouts and are looking for a fitness boot camp program that isn’t just another typical testosterone-fueled and tire tossing mindless exercise group, we have something you should consider here at Genetics Training Facilities. Don’t get us wrong, some gym groups, yes even besides ours, can be really beneficial and help people achieve healthy, real results. On the other hand, we’ve heard about some very negative experiences at gyms we would characterize as lacking nuance.

While we won’t be focusing on the wrong approaches in today’s post, we do want to highlight the fact that we have the requisite academic background and understanding to ensure all of our gym group members are able to achieve real results without sacrificing their long-term health. That is just one of the ways that we set ourselves apart from the sea of personal fitness trainers and “fitness classes near me” you might be looking for.

Today’s post is focused on how our blend of cardio workouts and strength training exercises that we do at our fitness classes can help kickstart your metabolism, which in turn will help with fat loss, muscle gain, and definition. There are a good deal of misconceptions within the industry that could lead you to going about your fitness program in the wrong way. In our previous post we discussed how having a blend of aerobic exercises and strength training exercises are the best avenue for achieving results that include fat burning. We will dive deeper into this topic today, with special attention on what you can do to burn calories more effectively so you can optimize your efforts. Read on if you are interested in doing exactly that.


The classic, commonly-held thought about how to lose weight is to do a ton of aerobic exercises or cardio. This makes sense from the eye test. You see marathon runners, or even a friend of yours who runs consistently, and generally they will be a slim and trim individual. But what about people who are looking to maximize their efforts, and do things the right way?

When we get older, it probably comes as no surprise to our readers to hear how our body changes. When our metabolisms slow, food tends to stick to our gut, hips, and seemingly everywhere else a lot more often than than it did in our early twenties and teenage years.

The frustrating thing is that when we do nothing different our bodies still tend to look worse. We might not even be eating that unhealthily, and we still might be active a few times a week. But things continue to worsen. Sound familiar?

One of the things we focus on here at Genetics Training Facilities is to jumpstart your metabolism with a combination of aerobic and strength training exercises. And while this isn’t an easy-fix, meaning it is the only thing you have to do to achieve night and day results as many would have you believe, it is an important element in the well-rounded approach we employ here at Genetics Training Facilities.

Here are some simple ways you can help boost your metabolism without having to re-think fitness as you know it.

Lifting Before You Do Cardio

If you aren’t able to commit to one of our gym groups in Riverside just yet, one easy thing you can do to help point you in the right direction is to lift before you do cardio. Exercisers who lift weights and do strength training for around 20 minutes prior to cycling were shown to have burned more fat than those who didn’t lift at all, or who waited in between strength training and cardio exercise.

Strength Training

According to a Southern Illinois University study, doing a 15 minute resistance routine, or strength training routine, ended up burning an average of 100 extra calories per day more than the control group. According to Wayne Westcott, the director of fitness research at Quincy College in Massachusetts, “”Strength training causes micro trauma to the muscles. Your body has to rebuild the muscle.” The implication in that statement is that you are burning more calories, some of which is fat. Hence, strength training is an essential element if you are looking for fat burning exercises to add to your fitness routine.

Drink Water!

According to a study by the University of Utah, a great way to keep your metabolism purring is to drink more water than the average person. This isn’t in reference to staying hydrated during your workout, while that is still important. It’s more about drinking around 8-12 glasses of water per day. The study showed that those who did this burned more calories at rest than the control group. Plus, it gives you an excuse to get up off of your butt at your desk job so you can use the facilities. Taking a break from staring at that screen is important too, but beyond our scope of expertise, so we will leave it at that.

Try Out Circuit Training

You may already be doing this, and if so, more power to you. But for those of our readers who are looking for new ways to burn fat, using a circuit strategy for a variety of your exercises can be a beneficial method. Rotating exercises with no more than fifteen seconds in between sets is a great way to get your lungs and heart pumping. Try doing exercises that include incline push-ups, standing hammer curls, chair dips, bent-over rows, and plie squats. These will help burn fat and build muscle. Boom!

Our Complete Workout At Genetics Training Facilities

We are revolutionizing group fitness classes here in Riverside and Corona. We are combining turf training with cardio and strength exercises. You don’t have to choose between cardio and strength training anymore. With our combination of strength training machines, free weights, and body weight exercises, you get a complete workout that is backed by personalized monitoring equipment. Our certified coaches will use these real-time heart monitors with each member of our class to make sure you get a heart-healthy, fat-burning workout that is optimal for your body’s needs. This way, we can track your progress, and optimize your approach to better achieve your fitness goals.

On top of this, we also offer Flexline equipment, which gives our fitness class members a great opportunity to electronically track velocity, reps, and weight on over 100 different strength training exercises. This let’s you change your weight and method on the fly, being able to seamlessly switch to pyramid exercises and negatives without a spotter. You aren’t likely to find that at another boot camp workout facility.

Make A Change

Change is possible, but it isn’t a guarantee. It takes a long-lasting commitment, even if you are using research-backed methods. The good news is that when you try out a free gym group class here at Genetics Training Facilities, you’ll be exposed to a unique group of individuals who want to see you succeed. We will challenge you and empower you at the same time, because we are all in the same boat. If you are ready to see what we are all about and make a step towards health and happiness, get your guest pass today!

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