Strength Training And Cardio In Tandem: The Benefits Of

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At Genetics Training Facilities, we combine the best exercises for fat loss with body weight training alongside strength training programs in order to provide an optimized boot camp workout at our fit camp sessions. At a core level, we combine aerobic exercises for cardio with body weight workouts, state-of-the-art workout machines, and classic free weights to bring an optimized experience to anyone who attends.

In our previous post, we highlighted what being in a group fitness class has to offer in terms of being different from a standard workout program, or even just going to the gym by yourself. The advantages were more numerous and detailed than we had time to explore, but a few of them were an improvement in form, a greater motivation to attend for social and monetary reasons, and having a team mentality can actually bring you results by pushing you that much harder towards your goals.

As we mentioned in that post, we make a point to balance comfort and safety by challenging you. To speak plainly, we’ve heard and seen some of the nightmares that can happen at ultra-intense gyms, places with no regard for the science behind their workout programs. That is where our academic background and years of experience come into play. This isn’t our first rodeo; we’ve studied extensively to become experts in our field, which means that you can have the confidence that we won’t be pushing you harder than your body can handle. While no two people are alike, we will work alongside you, monitoring your performance metrics to ensure your body is adapting well to our Riverside fitness boot camp workouts.

Now that we’ve established that key point, let’s explore aerobic and cardio exercises paired with strength training.

Strength Training And Cardio Exercises In Tandem

There is plenty of information online to choose from concerning top exercises. If you felt like it, you could spend weeks hunting down free information, YouTube videos of online personal trainers explaining their secret techniques that are exponentially better than any alternative, and a host of articles which describe top workout routines, like body weight exercises.

Luckily, you’ve got us at Genetics Training Facilities to help you sort through the mess. We will do our best to not add to the interminable noise that is out there, as we’ve described above. Instead, we will be looking at more widely accepted knowledge about why cardio and strength training go hand in hand on a general level. To have a holistic, balanced approach, both are necessary. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits thereof.

Heart Health

When we talk about doing “cardio”, that is a shortened why of referencing an exercise that affects our heart, or cardiovascular system. It also includes the circulatory system and lungs as well. Getting your heart pumping and your lungs busting on a run, for example, can work all of these systems. A nice benefit of going on a run is that you will release endorphins, known by some as a “runner’s high”, which usually help you feel like you are on cloud nine. That will help motivate you to come back for more!

Bone Health

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, there are two kinds of exercises that help you build and keep bone density. They are weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercises.

  • Weight-bearing exercises are typically high-impact and are generally more appropriate for people looking to prevent bone density issues, as opposed to those who are trying to address an existent problem. Examples of high-impact weight bearing exercises that can help you build and maintain strong bones are jumping rope, stair climbing, tennis, dancing, hiking, and high-impact aerobics. Examples of weight-bearing exercises that are low-impact include using stair-step machines, elliptical training machines, low impact aerobics, and fitness walking.
  • Muscle-strengthening exercises are a great way to accomplish the same goal in a different manner. If you do have a bone-density condition, you should always check with a medical professional before employing any of the following techniques. They include body weight exercises, using weight machines, resistance bands, free weights, as well as yoga and pilates.


So often we hear about people only doing aerobic exercises because they want to lose weight. On the contrary, strength training itself can be an aerobic exercise if performed in a certain way. Be cautious about not pushing yourself too hard, but giving yourself just 15 seconds between each set will cause your heart and lungs to start pumping. Strength training will also help you build lean muscle mass, which means your body will burn more calories throughout the day in order to fuel yourself. It doesn’t mean you are going to look bulky, it means your body will be burning fat more efficiently, which will help you lose weight! Often, cardio isn’t enough to give you the definition and toned look you seek. That is another reason why the two go hand-in-hand.

Coordination And Balance Improvements

In addition to the benefits described above, what many people fail to realize is that employing a variety of movements within your routine will help train your body to move in new ways. Jogging every day might be great for you, especially because it’s familiar. But biking, jogging, lifting weights, and doing yoga will not only give you a well-rounded approach from an appearance-based level, it will also help train your body to move more naturally in different situations. Whether you are an athlete or not, being in better touch with your body and your capability can only be a positive. In reference to muscle confusion and our strength training classes here at Genetics Training Facilities, we offer a blend of exercise equipment, free weights, and bodyweight exercises. All are specifically designed to help you improve strength, flexibility, stability, and to lose fat while building muscle.

So concludes our brief look at what strength training and cardio can both do for you. The core point is that you need both in order to meet your health and fitness goals. And while we hope that the above points are a good starting point for you, we also want to encourage you to come in and give our group fitness classes a shot. We make a point to foster a welcoming, challenging environment full of people who are there to make real changes while still having fun. If you have been searching for “fitness boot camps near me”, for instance, we believe your search has likely ended. Try out our fitness boot camp near Corona and Riverside for free! We are confident that it will provide you with all of the weight loss motivation you need.

In our next article, we will be diving into more detail about metabolisms, nutrition, and exercise, and what you need to know to help optimize your personal workout program. Keep a look out for that!

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