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Here at Genetics Training Facilities, we have a passion for creating a community of fitness, health, and camaraderie. We set out with the mission to provide top-of-the-line exercise training studios which have been developed to be adaptable to the variety of needs and fitness goals of our gym members. Our niche in the market has been carved out by blending strength training and aerobic exercises to afford our members the opportunity to have a comprehensive fitness plan. With our gym groups and complete workouts, you can burn fat, improve your heart health, experience true muscle and strength gains, and track your physical metrics and progress while you are at it.

In today’s opening post, we are going to outline what separates us from the pack in the world of group fitness and workout programs. We understand that there are a lot of fit camps and exercise classes to choose from in the Riverside area specifically, so allow us the opportunity to explain what you will be receiving by becoming part of our community here at Genetics Training Facilities.

Train Smarter

We say “train smarter” here, and that means that we have built a better workout that can be customized to your own preferences in a variety of ways. Our 3 cornerstones are blending cardio exercises and classes, strength training, and metrics like live heart rate tracking to give you full ownership of your fitness trajectory.


Our aerobic exercises are designed to both improve the health of your heart and lungs while making sure you burn plenty of excess fat in the process. Our expert fitness coaches (more on them later) make sure that you stay motivated and in-tune with the process, because we understand that you aren’t going to wake up every day with a drive to push yourself toward your goals. Our personal trainers and aerobic class coaches also are well-versed in being able to keep your mind and body connected throughout the course your journey while you pass through several stations. Keep in mind that while we are here to motivate you and help you succeed, we have a professional understanding of blending results with health and safety, and we will never push you further than your body is ready to go.


While we have a hearty focus on body weight strength training, we incorporate other techniques and forms of muscle building exercises and techniques. Among them are our state-of-the-art strength training machines, blended with classic free-weight training. This way, your ligaments can keep up with the muscle growth you will experience, which is key to ensuring a healthy growth trajectory. Further, our dynamic boot-camp classes and exercises out in our designated turf area are designed to

Fitness Metric Tracking

One of the most significant value add-ons that sets us apart from other gyms in our field is our seamless, live heart rate tracking. This means that as you progress through your workout, you can see precisely how hard you are pushing yourself, and if you need to take a step back or push forward in order to stay in the preferred zone. This has the net effect of keeping you on point to get the highest quality workout you can achieve by keeping you in tune with how your body is responding to individual workouts. This is just one of many ways that we promote proper fitness technique which ensures health and safety while still achieving real results.

Our Fitness Coaches

Our team is three-fold here at Genetics Training Facilities, with each coach bringing something unique to the table.

  • Alan Schiller – Alan is the CEO and co-founder, and comes from a family that has always emphasized physical health as a cornerstone of a fulfilled life. Alan’s family has five full Ironman finishers and professional athletes, if you are concerned about pedigree at all! But beyond coming from a great familial culture, Alan has developed Genetics Training Facilities with the mantra “learn it, live it, love it” as a fundamental, guiding principle. In 2016, Alan founded our gym with a special mission in mind – to create a powerful, tailored workout plan for each gym member who walks through our doors. Couple that individual attention with fostering a community that lifts each other up and helps motivate one another to new heights, and you begin to understand how Alan’s passion is observable in every aspect of Genetics Training Facilities.
  • Casey Christianson – Casey is also a co-founder, as well as being the exercise design officer of our group fitness gym. Even from a young age, Casey had an innate understanding that proper fitness would be a key to being a superior athlete by being stronger and faster than the competition. Since then he has developed his own understanding of the benefits of being fit to include workout techniques that aid people in overcoming health issues. Battling these health issues, like rheumatoid arthritis or tendonitis, are a hallmark of what sets us apart at Genetics Training Facilities, because Casey and the rest of us realize how exercise can make a real impact in surmounting physical ailments that some people consider too difficult to beat. Casey is an absolute beast of a personal trainer who has a passion for motivating others. With certifications in Heart Zones threshold, ACSM Exercise Physiology, HIIT Training, and a B.S. in Kinesiology, he is able to couple his fervor for helping others with years of academic research and theory.
  • Patrick Marquez – our final co-founder and customer relations/satisfaction officer, Patrick has a gift for connecting with others while bringing considerable fitness acumen to the table. With a background as an all-around athlete, his passion for fitness and athletics started at a young age. For example, he was competing in triathlons by high school! Patrick is awesome because he seamlessly wears so many different hats here at Genetics Training. One day he optimizes member rewards programs and community outreach initiatives, and the next he will consult with individual gym members to give them professional advice on diet, exercise technique, and much more. With over ten years of experience in the professional fitness realm, we are lucky to have a man of many talents like Patrick on our team.

Change Happens Here

Change is possible, no matter what your current circumstances might be telling you. We’ve seen people with seemingly insurmountable health issues get one-on-one counseling sessions so they can develop a customized fitness plan that takes the whole picture into account. We aren’t in the business of redlining our members just for the fun of it. With a holistic understanding of health and kinesiology, our goal is to walk alongside you, motivate you, and ultimately help you make real changes in your own life.
If you are just flat-out tired of doing the same-old same-old at your gym and having very little to show for it, don’t feel like you are the only one. But what you need to do is take action, which is often the hardest part. All we ask is that you step into Genetics Training Facilities, and see what we have to offer with our cutting-edge machines and classes, world-class coaches, and a supportive community who wants to see you succeed. Oh, and the first class is on us. Reach out to us today.

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