The Best Way To Lose Weight: Foods To Avoid To Keep Belly Fat Away

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Here at Genetics Training Facilities, we have a passion for educating our group gym members, and even our prospective members, about ways they can maximize their efforts here at the gym. With our combination of strength training and cardio fitness, we love to be able to afford our members the opportunity to achieve real results within a community of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals. Throw in the fact that we offer seamless live heart rate tracking at every strength training station, and you can start to see how our gym members have the ability to scientifically track their progress with the help of our innovative technology.

But we aren’t here today to talk only about our boot camp workouts and weight loss camps. We are here to go beyond that, to provide you with some simple, digestible knowledge (sorry, we had to) about nutrition. Specifically, we will be looking at a few different foods you should avoid if you want to keep belly fat away. Before we begin, we should note that we are not medical professionals, but these are more like some tips to point you in the right direction, based on the field’s developing knowledge of foods we know to help or hinder our fitness goals. Now, some of our readers might already know a few of these tidbits, and more power to you if that’s the case! At any rate, keep reading to learn about a couple of foods to avoid if you want to maximize your exercise efforts!

Processed Meats

If you are in the middle of a strength training regimen, it can be natural to take advantage of all of the processed meats we are faced with on a daily basis. In reality, processed meats are chock-full of nitrates, sodium, and fat. That’s part of the processing method, to combine healthy protein with elements we do not need, but are cheap. Sodium, fat, and nitrates all contribute to bloating and water retention, so they are best to be avoided.

Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is tough, because there are some that are nutritious, at least to some degree, but most are so full of sugar that it will only end up hindering you if you are looking to trim the fat. There’s a major difference between beverage calories and legitimate food calories, too.


It’s appropriate to take Jamie Foxx’s advice to blame it on the alcohol in this situation. Studies have shown that the excessively high caloric content found in most beer and wine, coupled with a lack of nutritional value has a net effect of bad calories. Most know this, few follow this rule. Hopefully this can serve as a friendly reminder to have a proper balance between work and play. At Genetics Training Facility, our fitness classes manage to do both! (Excuse the shameless plug)

Granola Bars

Okay, those of you who thought you knew everything we were about to list, did we get you on this one? Maybe? Either way, granola bars are by and large phonies of the nutritional snack world. We’ve all been inundated with “protein”, “high-fiber”, and “all natural” promises. The fact of the matter is that companies will say most anything they need to in order to get consumers to buy their product. These companies are motivated by whatever the market dictates, rather than their claims of providing the best nutritional value. Most granola bars have processed ingredients and are way too sugary to be considered a quality nutritional choice.

Salad Dressing

No, we aren’t just going to tell you to not drink a pint of buttermilk ranch before bed and call it good. We aren’t sure why anyone would be doing that in the first place, but for starters, don’t do that. To take it a level deeper, most salad dressing is quite fatty and very high in calories. If you are on a regulated nutritional meal plan and are getting after it with salads every day, we hate to tell you that salad dressing might spoil the whole thing. It’s easy to reward yourself for being good and eating your greens, but avoid the fatty dressings! Instead, opt for lemon juice, olive oil, some salt, and vinegar. It’s really not so bad.


Potatoes are another dark horse on this list. According to studies on the matter, just one baked potato has the same net effect that eating a tablespoon of sugar does. The long and the short of it is that they are just empty calories. When you come down from the sugar high and crash, you’ll be even hungrier than you were originally. If you are training to maintain your waistline, or perhaps lose some muffin-top, potatoes are certainly a good food choice to stay away from.

Diet Soda

Most people know that diet soda isn’t great for you, and might even be more harmful than drinking regular soda, what with the all of the artificial sweeteners and their potential harm. What many people do not know is that diet sodas stimulate your appetite. If you have a regulated caloric program, that’s definitely something to be mindful of.

Genetics Training Facilities

In the world of weight loss workouts and fitness boot camps, Genetics Training Facilities is here to provide you with a well-rounded understanding of how nutrition and exercise interact to help you, or hinder you, in your mission to reach your fitness goals. While we are just scratching the surface in the world of nutrition, it needs to be said that so many of the foods that have become mainstays in the average American’s diet are not beneficial. We aren’t advocating becoming a robot and never having a beer or a granola bar again, mind you. We are simply educating our gym members so that they can be better equipped to succeed.

At the end of the day, that why we exist in the first place. We have a passion for building a better workout. Our combination of expert personal trainers and cutting edge facilities affords people the opportunity to get the results they are looking for. When you are able to do that within a fitness boot camp or a group gym class with motivated, encouraging classmates, all the better! Get in touch with us today, and learn more about how your first time is free!

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