Get Fit With Our Gym Group Classes:  Visualizing How Your Life Will Change

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In previous posts, we’ve talked about how you can train smarter at our gym group classes in Riverside and near Corona. We’ve touched on why our blend of cutting-edge technology, our team-oriented gym group classes, and our combination of cardio workouts and strength training gives our boot camp class attendees the tools they need to achieve success by meeting their fitness goals. We have a passion for people truly changing their lives through discipline, dedication, and becoming a part of a group gym community.

Located at 341 Alessandro Blvd., Riverside CA, 92508, we have a team of coaches who are passionate about fitness and helping others. Our three co-founders Alan, Casey, and Patrick have a unique, complementary array of education, athletic experience, and interests. At our bootcamp workouts, our personal trainers will teach you the best exercises to lose weight, build muscle, and help you achieve your own custom goals. That’s part of the beauty of going with Genetics Training Facilities – we mold your workouts around what your body is saying, rather than a one-size-fits-all, square-peg-round-hole approach. So the next time you need to search something like “fitness classes near me” just punch!

Weight Loss Motivation

Look, we get it. It’s not easy to make significant, long-lasting changes in your life. That is especially the case when we are talking about making changes that are at times unpleasant. The adage “no pain, no gain” comes to mind here, and while we can’t say that it’s always going to be sunshine and daisies at our fit camp workout programs, we can tell you that you will have a supportive team of people who want to see you succeed. We have a culture of empowerment here at Genetics Training Facilities, and that can make a huge difference when it comes to your personal weight loss motivation and in determining your success.

In that spirit, keep reading if you are interested in visualizing what getting fit might mean for more than just your waistline. Getting fit and accomplishing your goals can have a pervasively positive effect on your life. Let’s take a look.

Significantly Less Stress

Our readers might find it interesting that Harvard research has confirmed what many of us already hold as common knowledge; working out can significantly lower your stress levels. More precisely, getting your sweat on at the gym helps regulate stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline while bringing your endorphin levels up at the same time. Endorphins, if you haven’t heard, help bring your mood up and are associated with what people call the “runner’s high”. Exercising regularly also gives you a boost in a few other neurochemicals, dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine helps calm you while giving you a happy feeling, which means that exercising not only reduces negative stress levels, but it also can be a contributing factor in achieving mental wellness in general.


While we are talking about endorphins, let’s address this buzzword that we hear thrown around a fair amount in pop culture. The long and the short of it, at least as far we are concerned, is that endorphins are key in the link between exercise and feeling positive. In fact, the more you work out, say, at one of our group fitness classes at Genetics Training Facilities in Riverside, the more neurochemicals are released in your brain to help naturally boost your mood.

A study from the University of Vermont observed that just 20 minutes of working out will give you a tangible boost in happiness. In the same vein, working out anywhere between a half-hour to an hour, three to five times per week is the perfect window for ideal mood boosting. That’s just one more reason to look into our Corona workout programs at Genetics Training Facilities.

Regular Exercise Boosts Your Memory

A long-term benefit of working out is improving memory. This isn’t a short-term effect that will help you remember everything you studied the previous night for your big exam. Wendy Suzuki, a professor out of New York University, noted in her studies that working out can increase the production of a certain growth hormone called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF. BDNF is integral to the process of forming new brain cells and their synapses, or connections between the cells. Suzuki notes that BDNF also helps protect brain cells from more long-term damage caused by stress. Said Suzuki, “The mechanism by which exercise is protective is not fully understood, but even in animals that are in terrible levels of stress, running on a wheel brings memory and brain function back to more normal levels.” While this science is probably a cut above our pay-grade, it’s awesome to know that working out and being fit can have dramatic, long-lasting and long-term effects!


If memory was the long-term effect, then added focus is the short-term one. That same neuroscientist, Wendy Suzuki, found that just 50 minutes of aerobic exercise vastly improves a person’s ability to focus on a wide array of tasks. These effects usually last between thirty minutes and two hours. It’s wonderful to consider the idea of improving your body and mind at the same time. Think about attending a Genetics Training Facilities fitness class in the morning, and then giving the best presentation of your life at your early afternoon business meeting. That sounds good to us!

Consider our Exercise Classes At Genetics Training Facilities!

So now that we’ve described some of the positive impacts that getting fit can have on people (outside from the actual “getting fit” part) we want to invite you to get your first class free. At our fitness boot camps you don’t have to choose between strength training or cardio workouts. We incorporate a blend of each alongside new-wave body weight workouts and, of course, free weight exercises. If you are interested in “training smarter” with Corona and Riverside’s top boot camp workout, get in touch with us today to get your guest pass and your first class free! We’d love to be a part of your fitness journey!

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