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Cardio. Strength training. Live metrics. One group with the same goal. Cutting-edge Flexline equipment. Customized training based on your personal performance and goals. Certified coaches who take the time to get to know you and listen to your goals.

It sounds pretty great, right?

To be honest, it sounds great because it is great. And while we realize that we aren’t the only group gym or provider of group workouts in Riverside and Corona, we want to take today’s post to tell people who are on the fence about making big changes in their life about our group workouts and all that they have to offer.

Read on if you are interested in making a change to your fitness routine (or start one in the first place). What we have going on here at Genetics Training Facilities is anything but traditional and tired, so let’s get going!

A Complete Group Workout In Riverside

Like we mentioned above, there is an ample number of group gym classes that have sprouted up throughout the country over the past decade or so. What many of these group gyms get wrong, however, is their narrow focus on a singular kind of workout. We are talking about spin classes, boot-camps, or yoga gyms that are preoccupied with one thing. While each of these classes have value, being too wrapped up in one approach leaves you without a complete workout. Such a complete workout involves combining strength training with cardio work and dynamic training.

By utilizing free-weights, turf style boot-camp training, strength training machines, and cardio exercises, you get the best of all worlds while making sure that the work done is aligned with your personal fitness goals by utilizing our live heart rate tracking at each station. Such metrics make sure you can stay in your preferred zone and get the maximum out of each Riverside group workout session.

You Can Expect:

  • Certified Coaches – Our well-trained, educated, and certified coaches take the time to make sure what we do in our classes will help you get toward your personal fitness goals. That effort combined with our real-time heart rate monitors guarantee you achieve a heart-healthy, fat-burning benefit during your one-hour group workout.
  • Build Muscle, Burn Fat – When you combine strength training with cardio and bodyweight exercises, you burn fat while building muscle in a healthy way.
  • Turf Area – Our boot-camp turf area makes sure our workouts stay fresh and interesting while challenging the body. Get acquainted with push sleds, walking lunges, core strength activities, and, of course, battle ropes!
  • Flexline Equipment – Our equipment lets coaches electronically track more than just your heart rate. We can monitor weight, reps, and velocity for more than 100 different strength training exercises.
  • Train With Like-Minded People – We get it; most people don’t come to group workouts in Corona to make a new best friend. But don’t worry, that’s not what we mean. When everyone is pushing in the same direction, encouraging each other, working with intensity, you get results. Results don’t just happen by showing up, you go get them by working hard each time you walk into Genetics Training Facilities. Being around positive, focused people at our group gym training sessions will help you do exactly that.

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