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Genetics Training Facilities wants people in Corona, Riverside, and the surrounding area who are looking for an extra dose of passion their life to not only find a community of like-minded people at our group workout class, but we want to help our clients learn how to train smarter. If you look at our website, you’ll see phrases like “train smarter,” “build a better workout,” and other phrases that probably will catch your eye. Let’s be clear; these phrases aren’t just marketing tools that make our website look and sound cool, they are the essence of our philosophy at Genetics Training Facilities. We are a top-class Riverside gym that provides group workouts, fitness boot camps, and other gym classes that combine cardio and strength training with personalized, cutting-edge tech that helps you track and scale your progress.


More specifically, we offer live heart rate tracking at each workout station and strength training machine. Our devices track velocity, reps, and weight to ensure you are in the correct zone. With the rise of group fitness workouts across the nation, we’ve observed that the majority of these group gym classes tend to be overly focused on one aspect of fitness.

Whether that focus lies in aerobic exercises, yoga, or in body-weight exercise, we offer a complete workout that offers dynamic training in both the cardio and strength-training realms. Combine that approach with our real-time heart rate monitors, our Flexline equipment which helps you track every single workout, and our certified coaches to help make sure you are staying on course, and you can start to understand why Genetics Training Facilities is fast becoming one of the most popular Riverside, CA gyms around.

Feats Of Strength

Now that we’ve reminded our readers what sets us apart from other local gyms, we believe we have a promised blog topic to get to! In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite renowned “feats of strength.” Whether these stories are true or not doesn’t really concern us. Sometimes the best stories aren’t factual, after all.

Niagara Falls, A Tightrope, And A Brave, Brave Man

Nik Wallenda’s self-given nickname is “the king of the wire,” and typically, we’d be inclined to make fun of someone giving themselves nicknames. Not so with Nik Wallenda, because his feat of bravery (and strength/balance) has earned him the right to have us call him whatever he pleases, as far as we are concerned.

Here is what he has done: the daredevil has 6 Guinness World Records for his acrobatic acts, among which is being the first person to ever tightrope over Niagara Falls. It took him some two years to get legal approval to perform this act. He had to wear a safety harness, for the first time in his career, however, because the event was internationally broadcast. That’s probably for the best, but it does make the feat just a pinch less badass.

Scotland’s Greatest Athlete

No, it’s not William Wallace (well, it may have been, but for the sake of conversation let’s suspend him from the competition), it’s Donald Dinnie. Born in 1837, at the age of 23 the young man gained national attention by doing something truly spectacular — carrying two ample-sized boulders across the width of the Potarch Bridge in Aberdeenshire. That’s 200 feet of carrying a combined 775 lbs. Dinnie was a well-rounded sportsman as well, excelling in the long and high jump, pole vault, hammer, sprint, hurdles, wrestling, tossing the caber, and other field events. Although he was in his sixties by the time the Athens Olympics took place in 1896, you can only imagine the damage this titan would have done had he been just a few years younger.

Siegmund Breitbart

We don’t expect many of our readers to have heard of Mr. Breitbart (nor Donald Dinnie, for that matter), but we wanted to include him in our list because this member of an Orthodox Jewish family from Poland did some flat-out crazy stuff. Born in 1882, Siegmund gained notoriety for performing somewhat surreal feats like biting through chains, carrying and lifting a baby elephant while climbing a ladder, and bending iron bars into floral patterns.

Breitbart planned to go to Palestine in order to recreate the Biblical accounts of another titan of lore, Samson. He never ended up making it there, because he died while attempting another feat. While hammering a railroad spike with his bare hands through a half-foot board resting on his knee, Breitbart pierced his own leg with the spike. Two months later, the legend died from blood poisoning, after ten operations and the amputation of both his legs. Breitbart’s legacy was immortalized in the 2001 film, Invincible. So, maybe you have heard of him!

Johanna Quaas, Perhaps Most Impressive Of All

Time waits for no man, so they say, but what about women? Johanna Quaas, a German gymnast well advanced in years, has become something of a celebrity when YouTube videos of her being a gymnast were shared across the world wide web. Although she started being a part of gymnastics at a young age, she transitioned to the coaching world until she turned 57, when she began training and entering competitions. You can watch her YouTube videos but you can’t help but be impressed. She’s 86. Supposedly, her name is written down in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest gymnast in the world. We wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

Write Your Own Story!

We can’t make promises that you’ll be able to carry a third of a ton across the length of a bridge, and we can’t say that our cardio and strength training classes will help you be as limber as Johanna is at the ripe age of 86.

But we can offer you an hour-long group workout in Riverside with cutting-edge machines and tracking technology to customize your training. We offer the chance to become a part of something special. Surround yourself with like-minded, passionate, goal-oriented people who want to see you succeed in reaching those goals. Build a better workout with Genetics Training Facilities. Combine cardio, strength, and modern metric-tracking to get what you need.

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