Weight Loss Motivation: How Getting Fit Will Change Your Life

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This post is for those of us who need a little help visualizing how being fit and pleased with our physical appearance will translate to other aspects of our lives. That realistically means all of us, because no one is immune from feeling unmotivated at times. Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s post, allow us to describe what we do here at Genetics Training Facilities.

Located in Riverside CA, we have a passion for creating a unique space in the world of fitness training centers. We are a group that is dedicated to creating a space that values healthy, safe, and challenging workouts in a dynamic and modern training facility. We combine cardio exercise, strength training, and turf training to create a tailored approach so that each one of our members can reach their personal goals in a safe and efficient way.

A Challenging And Empowering Community

Genetics Training Facilities is about a community that believes in helping one another towards fitness goals. We seek to create a space that is challenging, accepting, and empowering, all at the same time. The cherry on top is that we have state-of-the-art equipment and performance tracking devices that each member has access to during our group gym classes. As you move through your workout, you’ll receive updates on your heart rate so you can stay in an optimal zone predefined by your strength coaches. Our Flexline equipment means you have more control than you’ve probably ever experienced before. Increase or decrease resistance with the simple press of a button. You can seamlessly transition from traditional lifts, to negatives, to pyramid exercises with the press of a button.

Now that we’ve explained a little bit more about who we are, let’s talk about how your life could change by getting fit.

Less Stress

Being in shape and consistently exercising has been empirically shown to reduce stress levels. Not all stress is bad, to be clear, as “good” stress can keep you sharp. But too many of us feel stressed-out for a variety of reasons – be them relational, personal, or professional.

Regardless, a Harvard Medical School study has concluded that working out lowers your stress levels. That probably isn’t a shock to you if you are familiar with fitness at any level. What might be new knowledge to you is how it happens. Specifically, consistent exercise helps your body moderate stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. At the same time, working out helps bring your endorphin levels up, which makes us feel happy, bluntly speaking. On top of that, employing a consistent exercise routine will help boost powerful neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which work in tandem with said endorphins to promote calmness and reduce anxiety. Sign us up for that!


Perhaps you haven’t been pleased with your physical appearance for some time, or maybe you never have been. It doesn’t help that society tells you that you need to look a certain way, to be sure. But wanting to become physically healthier doesn’t have to mean that you are succumbing to what our culture tells you to look like. Many people want to get fit for the right reasons – and many of those reasons are described in this post.

So while it isn’t going to be as “sciency” as talking about dopamine and serotonin, there’s no getting around the fact that getting in shape will likely greatly improve your self-confidence. And it doesn’t have to be when you’ve finally “arrived”. Often, even if you are just starting to notice small improvements in your waistline, it can improve your mood and give you a newfound sense of self-esteem.

Now, our identity is not encompassed by our appearance, but looking great certainly helps in the self-esteem and confidence department. We are all for that.

Focus And Memory

Here is where we get into surprising territory. Many studies have asked if getting fit helps you get smarter, roughly speaking. And the answer, roughly speaking, is yes! First, let’s talk about a short-term benefit, focus. Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist from New York University, discovered that 50 minutes of cardio exercise dramatically increases a subject’s ability to focus on a range of tasks. The benefit usually wears off after around 2 hours, according to Suzuki. Having the ability to focus on an important task after a workout is quite the proposition.

In terms of long-term effects, studies have also been conducted based on exercise affecting memory. Research has shown that working out increases the production of a neurochemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, also known as BDNF. BDNF is crucial to the making of new brain cells and the connections between the cells, called synapses. Suzuki was also instrumental in this research, explaining “The mechanism by which exercise is protective is not fully understood, but even in animals that are in terrible levels of stress, running on a wheel brings memory and brain function back to more normal levels.” The most important point we can walk away with here is not what BDNF stands for, believe it or not. It’s that while we don’t specifically know how working out causes our memory to improve, we know that it does. And for us at Genetics Training Facilities, that is enough to harness that information and put it to use!

Improved Energy

Getting a consistent fitness routine going, perhaps by joining our fitness boot camp in Riverside, for example, will almost certainly give you a boost in energy. Being tired seems like a pandemic across the country, what with people having to juggle professional, familial, and social lives. Throw in the fact that you have to take care of yourself after all of those things, and it’s a wonder we are able to function after having such a consistently crazy routine.

And while most people are familiar with the link between increased energy and exercise, you probably aren’t as familiar with the scientific detail behind the phenomenon. A University of Georgia study explained that consistent exercise helps increase blood flow, which means more oxygen and other important “nutrients” to the muscles. This has the net effect of feeling less fatigued and more energized. The study emphasized that exercising as minimally as three times per week at twenty minutes per session should significantly increase your energy levels. Of course, as we’ve already noted, there are plenty of other reasons to be working out more often than that, but it’s nice knowing that you can give yourself a boost without having to completely drain yourself!

Learn More About Genetics Training Facilities

As we’ve said, we are a unique entity among gym groups and personal fitness training facilities. We blend our community-based approach with our background in Kinesiology and exercise science to provide our incredible members with the opportunity to make real changes while having a great time doing it. With our group gym classes and fitness boot camps in Riverside and Corona, we are excited to offer you a free one day guest pass so you can come experience what all the hype is about. We say that change happens here, and we stand by that 100 percent. Come be a part of something special here at Genetics Training Facilities, without having to pay a cent! You probably aren’t going to find that anywhere else, so reach out to us today!

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