The buyer listed on this agreement warrants that he/she is in good physical condition and has no disabilities, impairment or alignment that would be adversely affected by participation in an active or passive physical condition program, whether supervised or unsupervised, or by use of Genetics Training Facilities, equipment or services. Buyer acknowledges that participation in such programs and use of such facilities and equipment by their nature necessarily involves some risk of physical injury even for persons in good physical condition and who are free of disability or impairment. Buyer also agrees that selection of any program of exercise and use of equipment is solely the choice of the Buyer. Accordingly, Buyer agrees that his or her use of Genetics Training Facilities and its equipment is undertaken at the Buyer’s sole risk and neither Genetics Training Facilities or any affiliated club nor its or their employees, owners, officers, agents, or contract service providers shall be liable under any circumstance for any injury, damages, or loss suffered by the Buyer on account of his/her use of the Genetics Training Facilities or any affiliated club. Genetics Training Facilities urges you and all buyers to obtain a physical examination prior to commencing any program of active physical exercise. Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Genetics Training Facilities has made no representation or claims to the Buyer that any conditioning, weight loss or improvement in a medical or physical condition will occur as a result of use of the Genetics Training Facilities and equipment or participation in any exercise program at Genetics Training Facilities. Buyer agrees and acknowledges that Genetics Training Facilities does not manufacture the exercise equipment used in its facility but rather purchases and or leases that equipment from others and accordingly Buyer waives any right to hold Genetics Training Facilities or its owners, officers, employees, agents, and contracting service providers liable on account of any injury or loss suffered or incurred by Buyer arising out of or related to the condition of any equipment.