Nationally group fitness workouts are rising in popularity, from spin to yoga to boot-camps and everything in between. Most of these classes offer specializations in cardio or body-weight exercises but fail to provide a complete workout that combines strength with cardio and dynamic training.

Genetics Training Facilities is stepping into this void and revolutionizing how group training works. With us you get cardio, strength training machines, free-weights, turf style boot-camp, and much more.

Our certified coaches use real time heart rate monitors with each member to guarantee you achieve heart-healthy, fat-burning benefits throughout your entire workout.

Our group-training-focused strength equipment allows you to build strength and tone your muscles.

Our turf area adds variety with some battle ropes and push sleds, as well as area for walking lunges, and core strength activities.

To round it all out we make sure to keep track of your heart rate throughout the entire workout, allowing us to change each workout to best fit your personal goals.

Our Flexline equipment also allows us to electronically track weight, reps, and velocity for over a 100 strength training exercises. You can increase or decrease resistance instantly with a touch of a button allowing for negatives and pyramid exercises without a spotter for the first time ever.