Train Smarter

Experience hour-long group workouts with cutting-edge machines and tracking technology to customize your training.

Build a Better Workout


Our coaches will ensure you get heart healthy, fat burning benefits from each workout while motivating you through several stations. Each cardio exercise is engineered to get maximum results in a fun and safe environment.


A mix of state of the art strength training machines, conventional free-weights and dynamic boot-camp style movements in our turf area will help you achieve your muscle building, weight loss and toning goals.


We provide seamless live heart rate tracking at each station and strength training machines that track weight, reps and velocity. These metrics allow you to burn in your preferred zone and get the most from each session.

Team Genetics

We’re dedicated to bringing exciting, challenging workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals. Learn more about why we started, our philosophy and the people who work hard to create this unique training environment. 

Happening @GeneticsTraining

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Monday-Friday: 5am-8pm
Saturday: 8am-2pm
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